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1: Pick on of your OC's
2: Fill in the tag's questions making sure the answer if from your OC and not you
3: Tag 2 other people. (NO TAG BACKS)
4: Tell them they've been tagged

1: What is your name?
I'm Swift, who's askin'?

2: do you know why you were named that?
I can even figure out why my dad has a sandwich every day instead of something else. What makes you think I could figure out something like my name? -_-

3: Single or Taken?
I'm taken, so don't get any ideas

4: Have any powers?
Yeah, but it's too complicated for you to understand

5: Stop being a Mary sue
Excuse me!?

6: What's your eye color?
Emerald green, like my dad

7: How about your hair color?
black and a bit of turquoise from my mother with the majority being black from both my parents

8: Got any family members?
What kind of a question is that!? Of course I do!

9: Tell us something you don't like?
These random questions!

10: Got any hobbies?
I wouldn't say so. All I usually do is sit around with my girlfriend, Maxy.

11: Ever hurt someone?
I've hurt plenty of people. Don't think I won't add you to the list

12: Ever killed?
... No, but I've come close on several occasions

13: What type of animal are you?
I'm a hedgehog

14: Do you look up to anyone?
My Dad and uncle Shadow

15: you gay,bisexual,straight?

16: Go to school?
Yeah, one of the top of my class

17: ever wanna marry or have kids?
I already have a daughter. I'm 17 for Christ sake!

18: got any fan-girls/fan-boys?
3 fan-girls, I've dated all of them

19: What are you most afraid of?
losing the ones I love because of my carelessness

20: What do you usually wear?
A black long-sleeve button up with a sleeveless shirt under it, and dark jeans

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United States
I was born in Florida and still live here to this day.

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