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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I was born in Florida and still live here to this day.
I was tagged by my baby, :icon56t:

My Sonic FC's that I will use:

1. Swift
2. Notch
3. Malik
4. Nathaniel


Q1: So, you get home from work. It was a long day, and you want to take a shower. However, you fail to hear the shower water. You end up slowly opening the door and see your mate taking a shower. What would you do?

Swift: I would join right in. Maxy knows everything about me, and would expect me to get in right after her~.

Notch: My wife, Lilly, and I are very sexually active. She would probably pull me right in before I could get undressed~.

Malik: I'd be quick and quiet getting in. I enjoy surprising Roxanne, and she enjoys the surprise even more when I wrap my arms around her and start playing with her in the shower~.

Nathaniel: Skylar wouldn't give me a choice, but to join her. She'd probably cast a spell on the door and lock me in just so she could please me after such a long day~.


Q2: ...Uh-huh...ANYWAY! So one night, you are watching tv and it's your favorite show ever. But, next thing you know, your mate is next to you, undressing. What would you do?

Swift: I'd pull Maxy in my lap and undress her myself~. I could just record the show anyway. 

Notch: I would turn my attention to the hottest woman I know, and watch her undress, and then undress myself when she's done. Lilly would probably just watch the show with me while we have our fun. Those nights are usually the slowest.

Malik: I'd turn the tv off and undress with Roxanne. Nothing can stop me from having a romantic night with my wife~. Not even my favorite show.

Nathaniel: My Skylar makes it very obvious that I'm the master in the relationship~. I would sit back and watch her undress herself slowly just to get me excited, and then she'd undress me herself.


Q3: Umm...OKAY, moving on. So, you're out with the gang and talking. But somehow, one of your friends ends up talking about girls' chests. Then the boys talk about their girlfriends. What do you do?

Swift: I... may or may not stick around. It depends on how "far" the conversation goes.

Notch: I'm either changing the subject or leaving. You're relationship's business is your own.

Malik: I'm no stranger to gossip, what with going to so many balls and being around other rich gossipers. But I'm not too big a fan.

Nathaniel: eh... Can't say that I'd stick around for too long. Not to mention my lack of friends, aside from a select few people.


Q4: *chuckles* you guys are bad liars. Anyway, you and your mate are out shopping and it's freezing cold. Your partner is clinging onto you for warmth. You see the perfect gift for your partner, but your partner refuses to leave your warm side. What do you do so they don't see it?

Swift: I'd probably take her inside anyway. But Maxy would have to cover her eyes and ears so she doesn't get any hints about her gift.

Notch: My Lilly is a shopper at heart. I'd take her to another store, probably on the other side of the mall, and go back to the store I saw what I wanted to get her so she couldn't possibly see it unless she followed me without freezing to death.

Malik: I'll take Roxanne back to the car and pretend that I dropped something, and I'll go back to buy what I saw. If the gift was too big for my pocket, then I'll have it delivered. 

Nathaniel: Skylar can practically smell it on me when I see something she might like, so she just goes off and runs into the nearest store with indoor heating so I can go buy what I saw. It amazes me how she ignores the gift, like it never existed, just so she could be surprised about what it is.


Q5: Oh you sly dogs! okay, last question. You're out with a buddy and he ends up asking about what you and your mate do in the bedroom. What do you do?

Swift: *scowls at the question* depending on who it is, they're probably getting my fist in their face! They have no business asking anything like that. I'm done here! *leaves rather angry*

Notch: I just give them my look that says "Never ask that again," They usually get the message.

Malik: ...Are you kidding me? T-T

Nathaniel: They have no business asking that question. But I'll just walk away or change the subject.

THE END :iconthatsallfolksplz:

I Tag...

Anyone who reads this but hasn't already done this.
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  • Listening to: Black Sabbath
  • Reading: Death Troopers
  • Watching: Sons of Anarchy
  • Playing: Dark Souls


Maxy Madelyn Roseline by NotchTheHedgehog
Maxy Madelyn Roseline
This is a pic I made of :icon56t:'s character Maxy quite a while ago, but forgot to post. Well, here it is. We came up with a full name before the idea for the pic came along.

Maxy belongs to :icon56t:
Base belongs to :icondajamodernthehedgie:
Undead on Holiday by NotchTheHedgehog
Undead on Holiday
This is another project I made for my Digital Design class. We were making an "Absurd Headline" for Black Friday, and I decided to go Dark Souls Fanboy again, and have The Chosen Undead go on a Black Friday shopping spree/death brawl.

New York Post header belongs to the New York Post
The Chosen Undead Belongs to From Software
the idea is mine

Program Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Solaire of Astora by NotchTheHedgehog
Solaire of Astora
This was a small project that I made in my Digital Design class. I drew it myself and then scanned it into the computer. I finished it up with Adobe Illustrator.

PRAISE THE SUN!! :iconsolaireplz: \[T]/

Solaire belongs to From Software, Inc.

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